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MASS EFFECT SAGA, par Balthazar. 23. Dans cette partie, Balthazar fait sa grande rentrée. Il est confronté à l'un des choix les plus importants de la saga Ma.. Kaidan and Ash are both kind of obnoxious in ME1 and ME2, but Ashley actually gets some character growth over the progression of the series and I just don't see it as much in Kaidan. Her major flaw in ME1 is her xenophobia. In ME2 she'll decry Cerberus for being too xenophobic, and in ME3 she'll happily chill with aliens. Kaidan is just kind of... Kaidan... throughout the whole series, and it grinds my gears that (as Femshep) he'll get mad at you for cheating in ME3 even though his ME2. Ashley revient comme membre du commando dans Mass Effect 3, à condition qu'elle ait survécu aux évènements sur Virmire dans Mass Effect. Si ce n'est pas le cas, Kaidan Alenko prendra sa place dans l'équipe. Au moment des évènements de Mass Effect 3, Ashley a été promu au grade de lieutenant-commandant Kaidan might be useful for some tech , but that's easy to get around. I don't know about you, but it's not very helpful to me when Kaidan dies in the first 5-15 seconds of every conflict. And I play with a team mindset, despite the fact that it's all AI. Ashley is just a tank that is good for laying down constant firepower. She's reliable and. I'm at that point in my umpteenth play-through of Mass Effect 1 of choosing between Kaidan or Ashley on Virmire. I usually pick Ashley because I really like the connection between her and Shep, not only the LI side. However, this time I've opted for Liara as Shep's LI and now am unsure if I need to have Ash through 2 and 3 when I carry them over and take Kaidan instead. I've noticed there.

For Mass Effect 3 on the Xbox 360, a GameFAQs message board topic titled Ashley or Kaidan, who is better GAMEPLAY-WISE Mass Effect 3 [modifier | modifier le wikicode] Entre les événements de Mass Effect 2 et Mass Effect 3, Kaidan a été promu Major et commande la première compagnie d'opérations spéciales biotiques. Au moment de l'invasion des Moissonneurs, Kaidan se trouve à Vancouver sur la même base que Shepard. Ils se croisent au détour d'un couloir alors que Shepard est appelé(e) par les dirigeants pour confirmer l'attaque des Moissonneurs. Si les anciens coéquipiers ne se sont pas vus depuis.

Kaiden's voice acting is so much better (Fucking Carth!) Kaiden is a better soldier, he has his shit figured out and isn't out to prove himself I typically set it up so that Kaiden goes with the bomb and Ashley with the Salarians. It therefore makes tactical sense in that situation to reinforce the bomb and ensure its detonatio Dans le Mass Effect 1, le commandant Shepard Homme a l'occasion d'avoir une romance avec Ashley Williams, la Shepard Femme avec Kaidan Alenko, ou les deux sexes avec l'asari Liara T'Soni. Le Commandant Shepard peut également avoir une brève relation sexuelle avec Sha'ira la favorite , une Asari qu'on retrouve sur la Citadelle Ashley and Kaidan, while mostly their 'own characters' at first, because of the Virmire choice, turn into 'Virmire Survivor' ('VS') in ME2-ME3, and for the most part, have nearly identical stories for the rest of the series, just with slightly different tones. One difference is that Ashley stays hetero, while Kaidan can fall in love with Shepard later on, if you so choose to pursue that

Mass Effect Index du Forum » Questions-Opinions-Commentaires » Questions sur le scénario: Ven 4 Avr - 20:04 (2008) Sujet du message: Choisir entre Ashley et Kaidan. Un peu après avoir été obligé de tué Wrex, j'ai du choisir Ashley ou Kaidan. J.'ai décider de prendre Ashley puisque je trouve qu'elle est plus utile que Kaidan. Est-ce que il y a un moyen de les sauver tout les deux. Kaidan is actually a pretty cool guy, while Ashley is something of an abrasive character that only gets worse in ME3. With Kaidan you get the sense that he really wants to trust you, and it's pretty satisfying when he gets over your Cerberus stuff. Also Gaydan is best romance Mass Effect Ashley or Kaide Having Ashley and Kaidan in my squad till the end, all wearing the Colossus armor. This was not able to be imported into Mass Effect 2. The part where you ha.. Mass Effect permet une histoire de romance pour votre personnage principal, que vous le choisissez homme comme femme. Vous aurez la possibilité d'une relation romantique hétérosexuelle avec l'un de vos équipiers, Ashley si votre Commandant Shepard est un homme, ou avec Alenko si votre Shepard est une femme

Mass Effect: Saving Ashley or Kaiden, who dies and who lives. Support the Creators, Don't Block Ads! Join the Lethal Legacy: Our Community Forums: /foru.. Ashley/Kaidan only makes a small appearance at the mission on Horizon, refusing any offers to join your team despite romantic entanglements if there's any. Mass Effect 3 Consequences [edit | edit source] Rana Thanoptis' cameo concludes in an email newsletter. She has been indoctrinated all along and has killed herself. The Virmire survivor once more becomes available as a squadmate for one.

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For Mass Effect 3 on the Xbox 360, a GameFAQs message board topic titled Dumb Polls to Settle Everything! Day 3- Ashley Vs Kaidan (Vermire) Kaidan et Ashley dans le 1er opus. C'est le premier gros dilemme auquel le joueur est confronté au début de son aventure Mass Effect (je ne prends pas en compte les Rachnis, même si cela peut. Ashley gets super hot in Mass Effect 3 having her within visual range is good for morale, Unless your into dudes, then get Kaiden, They both fill the same role in Mass Effect 3 and only have a brief appearance in 2. My advice, save Ash, she is fit in Mass Effect 3 and to be honest I hate Kaiden's voice. Kaiden is a lot more trusting of Shepard and Ash still doesn't forgive you for working with. Kaidan Alenko is a fictional character in BioWare's Mass Effect franchise, who acts as a party member (or squadmate) in the first and third games in the series. The character is initially introduced in the original Mass Effect as a human Systems Alliance Officer and primary squad member in Commander Shepard's team. Kaidan's fate on the planet Virmire is part of a pivotal decision which the.

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  1. I'm pretty biased since I favor Kaidan so much, but I think the best way to contrast their personalities is their optional death in ME3. If you can't convince them about Udina, you're forced to shoot them. With her dying breath Ashley tells you that she hopes the Reapers send you to hell. Kaidan says that he was protecting a man who couldn't defend himself
  2. Purely for story, definitely go with Kaidan. Ashley has one scene in her cabin that's amusing but you can easily find that on YouTube if you want. I wouldn't say she's flanderized or written badly compared to ME1 though, I'd say she's pretty consistent, so disagree there. But you're not missing anything story-wise to go with Kaidan. I personally also don't find Ashley believable as a Spectre.
  3. For Mass Effect 3 on the Xbox 360, a GameFAQs message board topic titled Kaidan Alenko or Ashley Williams? Spoiler
  4. g, and I liked that. So, overall, I prefer Ashley. A shame that you can't have both. Side Note: - Kaidan is actually a more interesting companion in ME3 than Ashley, in terms of general gameplay and dialogue
  5. Ashley probably does more flat-out damage though and won't die as easily. In ME3, Kaidan is actually one of the most useful/powerful squadmates IMO. Between Overload and Reave he can strip armor or shields from pretty much anything. Whereas Ashley feels kind of redundant to James, but not as much of a heavy hitter
  6. Ashley and Kaidan alive - posted in General Mass Effect 3 Discussion: Hi, so you might know the trick on getting both Ashley and Kaidan alive by using gibbed save editor where you set the following commands to true 13828 = Kaidan Alive (if you said Ashley survived at start of game) 17679 = Kaidan Acquired(if you said Ashley survived at start of game) 17685 = Kaidan Selectable(if you said.

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Some may call Ashley annoying or racist but for me the difference between Ashley and Kaidan is similar to the difference between Miranda and Jacob in ME2. Where Miranda is like Ashley in that, sure they may not be as likeable in the eyes of some, but I thought they had flaws that made for more interesting characters that weren't done with their story. Whereas Kaidan and Jacob were more the. Kaidan Alenko Alliance Marine and crew-mate, is perhaps the most overlooked character in the Mass Effect series. Many felt that he was too whiny or generic in the first game, and subsequently. Whether you saved the Council in the original Mass Effect; Whether you pursued a romance with them in the original Mass Effect; Your response in conversations on Mars regarding your prior work with..

Kaidan Alenko est le premier coéquipier que l'on rencontre au cours du jeu. Il sert à bord du Normandy au commencement de l'intrigue. Il sert à bord du Normandy au commencement de l'intrigue. Mass Effect Franc Mass Effect Kaidan Or Ashley. 7/21/2019 Discussion in 'Vs. Debates' started by Epsilon_The_Imperialist, Jun 26, 2015. If you want to talk about Endgame then you must use the spoiler tags for the relevant spoilery bits. For those that don't know, the BB Code for spoiler tags is [spoiler]insert spoiler stuff[/spoiler].Failing to do so will not be tolerated. Dismiss Notice The Spacebattles Mega. Mass Effect 3 Kaidan Romance; Mass Effect Save Kaidan Or Ashley Full; ByFandoms:.13 April 2019 Tags.SummaryWhen Kaidan has been younger, he was rendered silence due to an injuries. He had been bullied all through high college and leaving for college or university was going to be his escape from that. It was his initial day when he, quite literally, knocked into a attractive stranger and ran. Mass Effect 3 Kaidan Or Ashley Movie; There are three characters in this entire series I couldn't give a single shit about if I tried: Jacob, Kaidan, and Ashley. So really, it doesn't matter. Kaidan is bland all the way through. Ashley at least has personality and some spunk in her, which automatically makes her more interesting. I will say though, Ashley is useless on the Normandy. I know.

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  1. Uploader note: It is best to watch this video full screen at 1080 quality. While we are not sure if this is a bug or easter egg, during your first visit to.
  2. Kaidan Alenko is one of your key squadmates, and the first one you'll encounter in the whole game. He's very loyal, and if you are playing a
  3. Kaidan or Ashley, Mass Effect take Kaidan or Ashley is also not particularly enthused about any sort of cooperation with synthetics though. They can like or accept EDI but are skeptical about Geth and maintain direct opposition to Reapers (like most central characters). Kaidan is really one of the closest companions to how i view the Mass Effect universe. Even his reactions towards me in.
  4. Mass Effect Ashley or Kaiden «Kaidan wins on both counts». Shepard, ashley and Kaidan save the Normandy (ME3 Citadel DLC). Ashley is just a worse version of Vega, who isn''''t exactly an amazing squad member to start with. Kaidan is a durable power user with crowd control abilities, anti-every defense damage powers, and the ability to use the best squad member. Remember, characters in Mass.
  5. Kaidan Shepard—often called Junior by his friends, and known by the codename Shadow—is an elite Systems Alliance Intelligence Services field agent and the eldest son of the legendary John Shepard and Ashley Williams.He is one of the main protagonists of Mass Effect: A Hero's Legacy.. Born on the Citadel in 2187, he grew up during the galaxy's reconstruction effort during the post-Reaper.
  6. Right. If you don't play the first Mass Effect, Kaidan Alenko is automatically considered your choice to have been killed? Because, this is my second time playing Mass Effect 2, but my first time having to go to the normandy wreckage. And when I was running around I had a flashback of Kaidan which obviously means he's dead...just like he was dead the first time I played ME2
  7. He's one of female Shepard's romance options, but can be romanced by male Shepard in Mass Effect 3. Ashley Williams. You meet Ashley during the first mission, taking you back up to your.

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Kaidan will also tell you in Mass Effect 3 how he wants to celebrate victory over the Reapers with his mother. 7 Ashley Williams. Lieutenant Ashley Williams was born in 2158, and this means that she is a youthful 27 years old in Mass Effect 2, and probably the same age in the sequel game. She's got a fine career ahead of her. As for the Chinese zodiac, Ashley is a Horse kind of girl. Horses. Le commando d'élite du Normandy est composé de 7 membres, le commandant Shepard (vous même), Kaidan Alenko (disponible immédiatement), Ashley Williams (retrouvée sur la mission d'Eden Prime), Urdnot Wrex, Garrus Vakarian et Tali Zorah nar Rayya (tous les trois vous rejoindront à la Citadelle). Liara T'Soni sera le dernier membre que vous pourrez récupérer lors de votre mission sur.

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Male Shepard (Mass Effect) Ashley Williams; Confessions; Kissing; First Kiss; the mildest of angst; Innuendo; Starboard Observation Deck; Summary . With Kaidan back on the Normandy, Shepard finally has his crew back together. But if Kaidan's going to stay, there's something John really should tell him. Series. Part 1 of A Crystal Hewn From Stone; Language: English Words: 1,705 Chapters: 1/1. Ce qui explique notamment les bonnes places de Kaidan, Liara et Ashley parmi les romances de Mass Effect 3. IV - La sous-exploitation de certaines romances, motivation à l'infidélité . Dans la trilogie, le taux de fidélité dépend majoritairement d'un personnage : Liara T'soni. Elle est l'unique romance possible sur chacun des trois jeux, et donc la seule à qui le joueur peut.

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  1. Kirrahe Kaidan Or Ashley of Maximus Devoss Lestu um Kirrahe Kaidan Or Ashley söfnun, svipað Air Fry Philco Inox Redstone og áfram Drmn Bg . kirrahe kaidan or ashley
  2. Mass Effect 3 ; Mods ; Saved Games ; RENEGADE Regina GARRUS Romance You Decide With Ashley or Kaidan For MASS Effect 3; RENEGADE Regina GARRUS Romance You Decide With Ashley or Kaidan For MASS Effect
  3. Ashley Madeline Ash Williamsis a marine in the Systems Alliance, the second human Spectre, and the love interest of John Shepard. She was a member of Shepard's squad and the former platoon guide of the 2nd Frontier Division's Unit 212. Born into a military family with a long history of service going back three generations, Williams's father, grandfather, and great-grandmother all served in.

Mass Effect est un jeu vidéo de science-fiction de type action-RPG, réalisé par l'équipe de développement canadienne BioWare et écrit par l'auteur canadien Drew Karpyshyn [2], qui est déjà à l'origine de nombreux jeux estampillés Bioware dont Jade Empire et Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic.Le jeu est disponible depuis novembre 2007 sur Xbox 360, en juin 2008 sur Windows, et par. Kaidan Alenko was first introduced in Mass Effect as your first teammate. He is a Biotic that is equipped with an L2 biotic implant that allows his powers to spike higher than most other biotic. When it comes to Mass Effect Im a very Paragon sort of player yet rational when i need to be. Iv played mass effect twice yet im going to play through again to be as happy as i can with my playthrough when i load it up to Mass effect 2. Now comes the scenario, Kaidan or Ashley? Well there are many things going through my head. I chose Ashley to go with the Salarians because she is more of a. Kaidan Alenko vs Ashley Williams (A Mass Effect Trilogy Post) For the longest of time, probably since I first played Mass Effect back in uh... 2013/2014 (when I turned 18), I always found Gunnery Chief/Lt Commander Ashley Williams more attractive and appealing at the time. She is a strong soldier with a badass attitude with looks to match (imo) But recently, like in the past year, I have. If you have no real romantic interest in them than I say rescue Kaidan. Ashley is cool but I prefer Kaidan as a character over Ashley. I wonder if in Mass Effect 3 if either one of their deaths in Mass Effect 1 will have any consequences. I thought Killing Wrex was mainly just a choice you could take and that even if you don't have high enough paragon or renegade points that you can still get.

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Le commando d'élite du Normandy est composé de 7 membres, le commandant Shepard (vous même), Kaidan Alenko (disponible immédiatement), Ashley Williams (retrouvée sur la mission d'Eden Prime), Urdnot Wrex, Garrus Vakarian et Tali Zorah nar Rayya (tous les trois vous rejoindront à la Citadelle) The only official romance options for Male Shepard are Ashley and Liara. Kaidan becomes a romance option in ME3, however. Mark Meer, the voice of Male Shepard, recorded all of Female Shepard's unique lines to make sure they wouldn't miss anything, but the Kaidan romance dialogue was not meant to be in the game

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In fact, I might as well defend Ashley Williams, James Vega, Miranda Lawson, and Jacob Taylor, too, since Mass Effect fans hate those characters just as much as they do Kaidan. Yes, two of them are space-marines while the other two are Cerberus agents. But they also have their own unique character-arcs. Ashley Williams joined the Alliance military to redeem her grandfather's good name after he. Kaidan Alenko was a career officer in the Systems Alliance and a powerful biotic wired with the controversial L2 implants. Although the L2s have been known to cause crippling neurological damage, Alenko only suffers from severe headaches

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He continues to exemplify his loyalty by protecting either Ashley or Kaidan when they are hospitalized in Mass Effect 3. (Never mind that he likely ran there when he heard part of the Normandy crew had been injured thinking it might be his interspecies girlfriend.) Thane returns clutch moments and nearly gives his life for the cause when saving the Citadel in the end, with his final breaths. Mass Effect 3's Kaidan on the other hand is a much better character. Mass Effect 3 actually made me like him, because I could relate to him a bit with his awkwardness. SwimmingRock . 45 POSTED: 13 May 2013 16:56. I didn't so much save Ashley as kill Kaiden. Why? Because I was playing FemShep and romancing both Kaiden and Liara. He then throws a bitch fit and makes you choose. I picked the. Mass effect, Kaidan and Ashley!? Hey, I really hate how you have to choose one person to kill on Virmire. I was wondering if there was a download thing that would add to the story and allow you to save them both. I always did stuff for fable 2 and I was hoping that there was something for this game. If you can help thanks! Répondre Enregistrer. 5 réponses. Pertinence. Anonyme. Il y a 1.

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Although Kaidan, David, Ethan and Carolyn loved their mother and were overjoyed when they spend time together, Ashley's frequent absences made them feel neglected and resentful towards the Williams family tradition. Despite not returning home while on active duty as often as she used to, Ashley actually tries her best to make time for them in person and to help them with their problems whenever she could. Eventually, afte If you play Mass Effect 2 without importing a save from Mass Effect, who survived Virmire is determined by whether you play male or female Shepard. Kaidan lives if you're playing as a woman and Ashley lives if you're playing as a man. Bioware's own data says that four out of five people play male Shepard in this game and only half of them (according to the stats Bioware released) imported a save and had any choice to begin with Imported playthroughs with a same-gender Ashley or Kaidan romance through this mod are not compatible with Giftfish's mods for Mass Effect 2 and Mass Effect 3 (see this article for more information). Technical information for other modders No innocent casualty)-99% Paragon (Finch killed)-Ashley lives (Kaidan sacrificed, Kirrahe saved)-Ashley romanced.-Vouched Anderson for a seat in the council.-Wrex lives.-Rachni Queen saved.-Conrad treated nicely and covinced home.-Got Armali Council License from Nassana.-Nirali Bhatia's body sent home.-Convinced Helena Blake to disband

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Le navigateur Pressly est près de la carte de la galaxie. A l'étage du dessous vous trouverez Kaidan ainsi que le docteur Chakwas. Wrex, Ashley et Garrus se trouvent tous les trois dans le garage du Mako. Tali et le chef mécanicien Adams se trouvent dans la salle des machines derrière l'ascenseur Kaidan Alenko was first introduced in Mass Effect as your first teammate. He is a Biotic that is equipped with an L2 biotic implant that allows his powers to spike higher than most other biotic..

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Mass Effect 2. close. Games. videogame_asset My games. When logged in, you can choose up to 12 games that will be displayed as favourites in this menu. chevron_left. chevron_right. Recently added 26 View all 1,181. Log in to view your list of favourite games. View all games. Mods. Browse all chevron_right; Browse all chevron_right. New chevron_right. Trending chevron_right. Most endorsed. Is possible to romance Kaidan and Samantha in Mass Effect 3? So I am half way through the game now, playing as Femshep, I am trying to romance Kaidan, however Samantha Traynor came over to my cabin for game night and then you get the romance option. Should I do it? because my first priority is to romance with Kaidan but that is not possible until just before going to earth. So is it okay to. Mass Effect's Kaidan Alenko had a rough start, but after joining Shepard, he was on the fast track to becoming the second human Spectre. By Louis Kemner Published Nov 21, 2020. Share Share Tweet Email. 0. Comment. In the Mass Effect games, there is a substitute for magic known as biotics, where certain gifted individuals can manipulate dark matter and energy to throw objects, create barriers.

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