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Abaddon / Apollyon est probablement un sous-fifre de Satan, un démon destructeur et un des « souverains », «puissances » et « autorités » mentionnés en Éphésiens 6.12. Le Voyage du Pèlerin, l'allégorie classique de John Bunyan, présente une scène mémorable dans laquelle Chrétien combat un monstre démoniaque du nom d'Apollyon According to the Brown Driver Briggs lexicon, the Hebrew abaddon (Hebrew: אבדון ‎; 'ăḇaddōn) is an intensive form of the Semitic root and verb stem 'ăḇāḏ (אָבַד) perish (transitive destroy), which occurs 184 times in the Hebrew Bible Le nom Abaddon signifie « destruction » ou « abîme » en hébreu. En grec, il correspond à Apollyon et signifie « le destructeur ». Dans l'Apocalypse de Saint-Jean, Abaddon est utilisé comme nom propre pour désigner l'ange exterminateur de l'abîme Abaddon/Apollyon is the ruler of the Abyss and the king of these demonic locusts. Abaddon/Apollyon is often used as another name for Satan. However, Scripture seems to distinguish the two. We find Satan later on in Revelation, when he is imprisoned for 1,000 years (Revelation 20:1-3)

C'est Abaddon / Apollyon, l'ange de l'abîme, qui apparaîtra sous les traits du FMI, je veux dire du Faux Messie International, ou le Faux Messie Inter confessionnel plus connu sous le nom d'Antéchrist ou Antichrist pour le quidam. Pour mémoire, côté nationalité Française, Christine Lagarde, la Directrice du FMI avait été nommée pour remplacer D. Strauss-Kahn démissionnaire. Abaddon and Apollyon both mean destroyer. Who is this ruling spirit called the Destroyer, who is released from the Abyss during God's wrath on mankind in the last days of this age? Does the Bible mention this being anywhere else? The true identity of the Destroyer has long been misunderstood Abaddon/Apollyon is the chief of the demons of the seventh hierarchy, the king of the grasshoppers, or demon locusts (described as having the bodies of winged war-horses, the faces of humans, and the poisonous curved tails of scorpions). Abaddon is in command of the Sixth House of Jinnestan, Demonic Ruler of the Abyss Although Satan has gone by many names, Apollyon is not one of them. Abaddon appears to be a demon who works under him who rules an Abyss full of locusts that will arrive onstage during the Final Days. The locusts will bite, sting, or cause pain to those who do not believe in Jesus Christ They have as king over them the angel of the bottomless pit. His name in Hebrew is Abaddon, and in Greek he is called Apollyon

Trump is a mouthpiece for the dark spirit of Apollyon (Satan) described in Revelation 9:11 And they had a king over them, which is the angel of the bottomless pit, whose name in the Hebrew tongue is Abaddon, but in the Greek tongue hath his name Apollyon. Apollyon - Biblical definitio Jesus is Abaddon and Apollyon Watchtower 12/1/1961, p. 717-720 United Against Nations in the Valley of Decision When Jesus was on earth as a man, he was a Hebrew, and now in his capacity as Jehovah's royal Executioner he is called by the Hebrew name Abad'don, which means Destruction

There are several names in the Bible for Satan and his minions. One of these is the Apollyon, which might refer to Satan or to a high-ranking demon. The name Apollyon is the Greek for Abaddon meaning Destroyer. We see this name mentioned in Revelation 9: They had as king over them the angel of the Abyss, whose name in Hebrew is Abaddon and in Greek is Apollyon (that. History is filled with disasters, wars, and plagues. Those pages are dark ones in history but far worse are those to come. Armies that dwarf all whichever ma..

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Mid 30's U.S. Navy veteran. I like games, fun, and talking Abaddon Apollyon, New Orleans, Louisiana. 4.2K likes · 4 talking about this. Professional Actor and Horror personality Demon, Vampire, Clown, Zombie Revelation 9:11, which says: And they have over..

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  1. L'ange Abaddon, Apollyon « Alors il leur ouvrit l'esprit à l'intelligence des Écritures. » (Lc 24.45) Règles du forum Forum d'échanges sur la Sainte Bible. 3 messages • Page 1 sur 1. Unsimplehomme. Quæstor Messages : 259 Inscription : dim. 25 juil. 2010, 15:41. L'ange Abaddon, Apollyon . Message non lu par Unsimplehomme » dim. 04 déc. 2016, 12:10 Bonjour, Dans l'apocalypse de Saint.
  2. Abaddon The Destroyer. The Hebrew term Abaddon (Hebrew: אֲבַדּוֹן‎ 'Ăḇaddōn means the Doom or the Father of the Lowly Person), and its Greek equivalent Apollyon (Greek: Ἀπολλύων, Apollýōn) appear in the Bible as both a place of destruction and an angel of the abyss.In the Hebrew Bible, abaddonis used with reference to a bottomless pit, often appearing alongside.
  3. ateur de l'apocalypse ou destructeur. Abaddon est aussi le dieu grec Apollyon, démonisé par les chrétiens. Voici la fiche détaillée de ce démon..
  4. Abaddon is a powerful angelic demon of Christian tradition who is also known by his alternative name of Apollyon.He is described as the great destroyer or place of destruction, and has come to be described by some scholars as a living embodiment of the medieval belief of an everlasting Hell.. In the Bible's Book of Revelation's chapters, Abaddon (also a name for the place) is said to be.
  5. Afficher les profils des personnes qui s'appellent Abaddon Apollyon. Inscrivez-vous sur Facebook pour communiquer avec Abaddon Apollyon et d'autres..
  6. 6. Abaddon and Apollyon - Destroyer, no other angel and king (8th King) can come from the abyss other than satan. 7. 8th King - Gog of Rev. 20, who was one of the seven, who once was, now is not, and will come out from the bottomless pit. With the above facts, we can conclude that: 1. Abaddon and Apollyon is Satan the Destroyer 2. Satan is.
  7. ⚫ Abaddon (Apollyon) désigne Jéhovah et Jésus Apoc. 9 [...] En effet, au verset 11 de ce même chapitre 9 de l'Apocalypse, nous lisons le passage suivant, relatif aux sauterelles: Elles avaient sur elles comme roi l'ange de l'abîme, nommé en hébreu Abaddon, et en grec Appollyon

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Abaddon, also known as Abaddon the Despoiler, once named Ezekyle Abaddon, is the Warmaster of Chaos, a Chaos Lord and the greatest Champion of Chaos Undivided in the galaxy Apollyon is the Greek name. In MAGIC Abaddon is often equated with SATAN and SAMAEL. His name is evoked in conjuring spells for mali- cious deeds. Abaddon is the prince who rules the seventh hierarchy of DEMONs, the ERINYES, or Furies, who govern powers of evil, discord, war, and devastation

Abaddon and Apollyon. We have always been taught that Abaddon and Apollyon in Revelation 9: 11 is Satan because it says he is the king and the angel of the bottomless pit. In Revelation 9:1 the Bible says the key to the bottomless pit was given to this angel. Revelation 1:18 says that Jesus has the keys to hell and death. Therefore; Jesus is the angel/king of the bottomless pit, as it also. Abaddon or Apollyon is a fallen angel from one of the highest orders of angels he fell sometime after Lucifer. Also Abaddon is more powerful and far more dangerous than Lucifer and it is for that reason his sigil has never been known or has never been revealed. however, his Tarot Card is the Judgement _____ _____ _____ Abaddon In Kabbalah : Considering the Nature of Da'ath and Abaddon, this.

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Trivia [edit | edit source]. Apollyon is the Greek name for the angel Abaddon, and is also known as The Destroyer.This is reflected in the Achievement pop-up, which states You Unlocked The Destroyer. This is referenced further in the Void item he starts with, in that he is both the angel of the abyss and that the main function of the Void is to destroy items to gain beneficial effects The Greek equivalent of his name is given as Apollyon. Under this name Bunyan presents him in the Pilgrim's Progress, and Christendom has doubtless been more interested in this presentation of the matter than in any other

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The starting-point of the Apocalyptist's use of Apollyon is to be found in the fundamental meaning of Abaddon as moral destruction in the underworld, together with the occasional personification of kindred terms in the Old Testament Abaddon, the place of destruction is synonymous with Sheol in Proverbs and Job. In later writings, Abaddon is personified as the king of the abyss who can command an army of locusts to torment men The day of God's vengeance against the enemy organization having come, it is appropriate that Jehovah assume the role of Destroyer, that is, Abaddon, or Apollyon (for our God is a consuming fire), which title particularly applies at the time the kingdom is being announced. (Heb. 12:29) His beloved Son, then, the King, bears the same title, and the title has a special application in the day.

They are sent forth to torment the unfortunate inhabitants of earth, but not to kill them. They have a ruler over them, called a king (basileia [ basileiva ]), the angel of the abyss, whose name is given in both Hebrew and Greek. In Hebrew it is Abaddon and in Greek Apollyon, both words meaning Destroyer or Destruction The Hebrew term Abaddon has a Greek equivalent Apollyon (Greek: Ἀ π ολλύων, Apollyon), appears in the Bible as both a place of destruction and as the name of an angel.In the Hebrew Bible, abaddon is used with reference to a bottomless pit, often appearing alongside the place שאול (sheol), meaning the realm of the dead.In the New Testament Book of Revelation, an angel called. Abaddon is a powerful angelic demon of Christian tradition who is also known by his alternative name of Apollyon . He is described as the great destroyer or place of destruction, and has come to be described by some scholars as a living embodiment of the medieval belief of an everlasting Hell

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Apollyon Abaddon is the founder and first head of the Extra Demon House, the Abaddon Clan. He is presently a member of Legion and thus a major antagonist of the fanfic, The Hunter. Most notably, Apollyon was the one who killed the Seraph Azrael during the Great War. 1 Appearance 2 Personality 3 Background 4 Abilities & Powers Immense Demonic Power: As the founder and former head of the Abaddon. Apollyon (アポリオン?) is a demon in the series. 1 History 2 Appearances 3 Profile 3.1 Megami Tensei II 3.2 Devil Summoner 2: Raidou Kuzunoha vs. King Abaddon 4 Stats 4.1 Megami Tensei II 4.2 Kyūyaku Megami Tensei 4.2.1 Megami Tensei II 4.3 Last Bible III 4.4 Devil Summoner 2: Raidou Kuzunoha vs. King Abaddon 5 Gallery Apollyon is actually the Greek name for Abaddon, and it means The.

Nom grec par lequel l'apôtre Jean traduisit l'hébreu Abaddôn en Révélation 9:11. Apollyôn, qui signifie Destructeur , est le nom donné à l'ange de l'abîme Abaddon, Christ's name in the Hebrew, signifying Him as a destroyer, shows that in the Old Testament period He simply destroyed many of His enemies; whereas Apollyon, His name in the Greek, signifying Him as an exterminator, shows that in the New Testament period He will exterminate all the wicked. (What beautiful precision of connotation in these symbolic appellations!) And this. Abaddon de la Perdition hébraïque et l'Apollyon grec qui signifie Exterminateur. Dans un texte non biblique mais apocryphe, nous trouvons écrit: « Les torrents de Belial éclatent en Abaddon » Ici, nous avons maintenant gravé en lettres hébraïques le nom d'Abaddon pour augmenter ses pouvoirs et les vertus magiques qu'il représente Elles avaient sur elles comme roi l'ange de l'abîme, nommé en hébreu Abaddon, et en grec Apollyon Abaddon. Le nom Abaddon provient du mot hébreu אבדון, signifiant « destruction » ou « abîme ». Le nom grec correspondant est Apollyon (le destructeur). Ce nom est utilisé comme nom propre pour désigner l'ange exterminateur de l'abîme dans l'Apocalypse de saint Jean

10 Elles avaient des queues armées de dards, comme les scorpions et c'est dans leurs queues qu'était le pouvoir de faire du mal aux hommes pendant cinq mois. 11 Elles avaient sur elles comme roi l'ange de l'abîme, nommé en hébreu Abaddon, et en grec Apollyon. (Apoc. 9 / 9 - 11 Apollyon, also known as Abaddon or under the alias Angel of Destruction, is the Progenitor of the Abaddon Clan.He is one of the Thirteen Archdemon Emperors and is one of the Seven Deadly Sins, representing the sin of Wrath. He was formerly a Seraph, the older twin-brother of Muriel, and served under Azrael as one of her Angels of Death « Abaddon » est traduit dans la Louis Segond 1910 par : Abaddon 1 ; 1. Concordance biblique du mot grec « Abaddon » : Apocalypse 9.11 Elles avaient sur elles comme roi l'ange de l'abîme, nommé en hébreu Abaddon 3, et en grec Apollyon

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Abaddon est un démon récurrent de la série Shin Megami Tensei. Il joue un rôle important dans les jeux Shin Megami Tensei 2, Digital Devil Saga 2 et Raidou Kuzunoha vs King Abaddon. C'est le nom d'une Persona dans Shin Megami Tensei: Persona. Apollyon est le nom d'un personnage dans For Honor Revelation 9:11 states, They had as king over them the angel of the Abyss, whose name in Hebrew is [Abaddon], and in Greek, [Apollyon]. For more information see Abaddon at Wikipedia. If you come close enough to his mouth, you may end up stuck inside him. Abaddon's appearance is an homage to the disembodied-head-and-hands style of boss, which appears in numerous video games. Using the /dance. Abaddon was one of only two remaining Knights of Hell, the other being her retired mentor, Cain.Abaddon was single-handedly responsible for the extinction of the original Men of Letters.She arrived in the present through time travel in her hunt for Henry Winchester and the key of the Order of Letters he was entrusted with; she failed to retrieve it, with Henry's grandsons Sam and Dean. Abaddon is a spiritual realm of the dead, closely linked with Sheol. In the Book of Revelation, it is depicted symbolically as the king of the Army of Locusts from the Abyss who will be released at the end of days.1 During the Apostle John's revelation of Jesus (as recorded in the Book of Revelation), John saw the seven angels who stand before God who were given the seven trumpets of the. Angel Abaddon - also called Abbadon or Apollyon (in Greek). Firstly, his name means The Destroyer. He is one of the Angels of Death. Rabbinic teachings consider Abaddon a place, not an angel. They call Abaddon a region of Hell. Angel Abaddon. Angel Abaddon is one of the angels of death. Most cultures consider Abaddon a demon or fallen angel. Often mistaking him with Satan or Samael. He.

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Apollyon definition, the destroyer; the angel of the bottomless pit; Abaddon. Revelation 9:11. See more Apollyon n'incarne pas de manière de jouer radicalement différente, mais le plus important à noter rester son objet de départ, Void. Cet objet s'active toutes les six salles nettoyées et. Abaddon definition, Apollyon. See more. Did you know the word sandwich is named for a person? That's right, the lunchbox special enveloping all food groups between two slices of bread is named for the 4th Earl of Sandwich, an English aristocrat who lived in the 1700s Les Septante le traduisent par destruction . Jean, l'appliquant à une personne, le rend par Apollyon , ce qui signifie le destructeur . Il a en vue un des principaux chefs de l'empire des ténèbres, peut-être Satan lui-même (Comparer Hébreux 2.14 ) Plusieurs traits du tableau sont empruntés à Joël : ainsi la comparaison des sauterelles avec des chevaux , du bruit de leurs ailes avec. Apollyon (pronounced uh-POL-yuhn) is the ram-headed Horseman of Pestilence and one of the most powerful archdaemons in Abaddon. Sometimes referred to as the Prince of Locusts, Apollyon sends forth plagues and diseases throughout the planes in an effort to increase his power above his fellow archdaemons

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Abaddon is a being that personified the abyss, becoming known as the Angel of the Abyss. The Greek title for Abaddon is Apollyon which literally means The Destroyer. He was also called the King of the Grasshoppers. While his pre-demon name is Muriel some angels, even before he fell, still called him Abbadon Abaddon or Apollyon Revelation 9:11. John gives the name of the ruler of the evil forces in two languages. He is called Abaddon or Apollyon. Both names mean the 'destroyer '; they seem to be names for Satan, the devil. The word Apollyon does not appear elsewhere in the Bible, although similar words appear often. However, Abaddon appears several times, for example in Job 26:6 and Job 31:12.

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  1. Apophis est la traduction en grec du nom de ce destructeur égyptien. Le terme de destructeur est traduit par ailleurs, dans la Bible, par le nom d'Apollyôn qui est « l'ange de l'abîme, nommé en hébreu Abaddon, et en grec Apollyôn. » (Livre de l'Apocalypse 9.11
  2. Apollyon is the Greek word for destroyer & destruction. It is a translation of Abaddon, the Hebrew word for destruction & a place of destruction (remember, New Testament was written in Greek and early Christianity flourished in Greece)
  3. Islam et Occultisme 14 : Allah the Destroyer, Abaddon/Apollyon et la Kabbale. La vidéo commence sur des correspondances entre Abaddon/Apollyon et un personnage nommé Apollos dans la Bible. Il existe également des informations concernant Allah Al-Mumît (Le Destructeur, un des 99 noms d'Allah). Des synchronicités auxquelles s'ajoutent le fait qu'Abaddon, le Roi de l'Abîme, est une.
  4. Abaddon and Apollyon. You are here. Home » Learn » Audio. Interet Archive Book Images. By: D. T. Lancaster. Recording Date: 09/21/2016. Revelation. apocalypse. locusts. Abaddon. Apollyon. abyss. seven trumpets. Number 23 in the series Apocalypse of John. A fifth trumpet sounds. A star falls to earth. The star is given a key to unlock the abyss. (Not a good idea.) A sixth trumpet releases the.
  5. My work is Apollyon explores the hidden history, etymology, and mythology of Abaddon. I strongly recommend this compendium — not just because I contributed to it — but because it provides an excellent study on how to approach Abaddon in your own unique magickal way. Every author reveals how they have explored Abaddon and uniquely adapted his energies, his deific masks, to their own.
  6. Then Revelation chapter 9 describes in the Abaddon/Apollyon prophecy how that the pit of Hell will be opened up on the Earth with the smoke filling the air and blotting out the Sun unleashing Hell on Earth
  7. ation to bring continuous war upon the world. Her armor is not any normal armor of a Warden, but one that was refitted from that of a Lawbringer's, evident with parts of the armor retaining the Lawbringer's armor aesthetics such as the neck guard on the chest plate

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  1. Abaddon, King of the Demons of Hell. The term abaddon in Hebrew context is another word for destruction; Also known as Apollyon in Greek, which means The Destroyer. In the Holy Bible New Testament, the Book of Revelation speaks of him as an angel (fallen) and refers to him as the king/ruler of an army of Locusts
  2. ABADDON, OR APOLLYON The former name is Hebrew, and the latter Greek, and both signify the destroyer, Rev 9:11. He is called the angel of death, or the destroying angel. [Amtrac] Abaddon. a-bad´on (אכדון 'ăbhaddōn, ruin, perdition, destruction): Though destruction is commonly used in translating 'abhaddōn, the stem idea is intransitive rather than passive.
  3. ister of death and author of havoc on earth. The Vulgate renders the Greek Apollyon by the Latin Exter
  4. Aid p.90 -- Apollyon ~ The Greek name used by the apostle John to translate the Hebrew Abaddon at Revelation 9:11. Apollyon means Destroyer, and is given as the name of the angel of the abyss. Though most reference works apply this name to some evil personage or force, the whole setting of the apocalyptic vision is to the contrary, as it consistently portrays angels being used of God to.
  5. The Bible's Book of Revelation 9:11 introduces Apollyon as: And they had a king over them, which is the angel of the bottomless pit, whose name in the Hebrew tongue is Abaddon, but in the Greek tongue hath his name Apollyon. USAGE: William Shuter, though, saw the text as a word of warning to Oscar Wilde, in the early 1890s infatuated with the young, beautiful, narcissistic, and.

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Apollyon (top) battling Christian in John Bunyan's The Pilgrim's Progress.. The Hebrew term Abaddon (Hebrew: אֲבַדּוֹן‎‎, 'Ǎḇaddōn), and its Greek equivalent Apollyon (Greek: Ἀπολλύων, Apollyon), appears in the Bible as a place of destruction. In the Hebrew Bible, abaddon often appears alongside the place שאול (sheol), meaning the realm of the dead Abaddon/Apollyon = 1123. contexte = 1123. contextes = 1223. Texte sans contexte(s) n'est que prétexte Considérons cette période couvrant les deux sessions du 4 au 11 et du 12 au 23 Septembre où l'on voit poindre deux dates d'échéance aux 11 et 23 ou une autre manière de rappeler la combinaison 1123 avec un 11 Septembre en pivot en prime, en terre d'Israël

Image: Apollyon | Revelation Clip Art | ChristartThe angel: Abaddon - Apollyon (Revelation 9:11


  1. ating Angel, the Angel of Death, the King of the locusts and King of the Abyss. In demonology, Abaddon is the King of the demons of the 7th hierarchy so in other.
  2. late 14c., used in Revelation ix.11 of the angel of the bottomless pit, and by Milton of the pit itself, from Hebrew Abhaddon, literally destruction, from abhadh he perished. The Greek form was Apollyon
  3. Abaddon Apollyon | I am making a difference
  4. Abaddon and the Bible? In the Hebrew traditions the devil is known as Abandon and in Greek mythology the name is Apollyon. There are many different ancient biblically texts that discuss Abaddon. In Revelation 9:11 the name Abandon (also known as Apollyon) is mentioned in connection to where locusts have a king which is a demon in nature.
  5. The name 'Abaddon' is defined in the Strong's Concordance as Greek word G3 Ἀβαδδών Abaddōn meaning: a destroying angel - Abaddon. Therefore, we can conclude that Lucifer is the destroying angel who is king of the bottomless pit of hell and goes by Abaddon, Apollyon, and Satan
  6. Apollyon has ruled for eons, since he seized his throne and slew all potential rivals following the disappearance of his presumed-dead predecessor. The Horseman of Pestilence is also known as the Prince of Plagues, and rules from his domain of the Plaguemere, a vast realm of swamps, flooded forests, and shallow, acidic oceans. His citadel, the Throne of Flies, is carved from a titanic spinal.
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  1. (əbăd`ən), Hebrew name of Apollyon Apollyon [Gr.,=Destroyer], in the Book of Revelation, name of the angel of the bottomless pit
  2. apollyon Forme grecque donnée dans Ap 9:11 comme équivalente d'Abaddon (voir ce mot, et Apocalypse, résumé, parag. 4). Utilisé avec autorisation de Yves PETRAKIA
  3. His greatest creations have been diseases that corrupt the soul itself, ensuring that Pharasma sends his victims to Abaddon once they've succumbed. Apollyon appears as a hulking, bruised giant wrapped in black leather straps, with the head of a rotting ram. His cloak is stitched from the skin of angels who attempted to rescue the souls he had claimed—after flaying the angels alive, he.
  4. g sans publicité ou achetez des CDs et MP3 maintenant sur Amazon.fr
  5. - Abaddon, who would go on to fail conquering, in over 13 consecutive campaigns through the better part of ten thousand years, less than a quarter of what Horus did in around seven years. The Hebrew term Abaddon (Hebrew: אֲבַדּוֹן‎‎, 'Ǎḇaddōn), and its Greek equivalent Apollyon (Greek: Ἀπολλύων, Apollyon), appears in the Bible as both a place of destruction and as.
  6. Background [edit | edit source]. In the New Testament Book of Revelation, a Demon called Abaddon is described as the king of an army of locusts; his name is first transcribed in Greek (Revelation 9:11—whose name in Hebrew is Abaddon, The Angel of Death.) as Ἀβαδδὼν, and then translated (which in Greek means the Destroyer, Ἀπολλύων, Apollyon)
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King Abaddon (アバドン王) is a title and demon order in Devil Summoner 2: Raidou Kuzunoha vs. King Abaddon. The title of the one who rules over the Destroyer Insects known as Apollyon. Dahn hoped that by fulfilling the prophecy and filling the Pojitrawn with the Capitals Luck that he could become King Abaddon. His plans were foiled when the Apollyons refused to obey him. Louis Cyphre then. Abaddon, Exterminans, Apollyon, Apollyn This is a Chant Composed of Four Names for Abaddon. Io Abaddon-Apollyn Hail Abaddon/Apollyn! Adveni, Moltus Divinitus Et Belua, Domine Abbaton Come, Great Deity and Fiend, Lord Abbaton! Exsurge Abbaton Dominator Adhassyth Rise, Abbaton, Lord of the Abyss! (Adhassyth is a magickal word of power which serves to empower any spell it is. Apollyon - Who Is This? In Revelation 9 we read of a king of the bottomless pit named Apollyon: 7 The locusts looked like horses prepared for battle. On their heads they wore something like crowns of gold, and their faces resembled human faces. 8 Their hair was like women's hair, and their teeth were like lions' teeth. 9 They had breastplates like breastplates of iron, and the sound of. Abaddon has at least two meanings. 1. The destroyer, or angel of the bottomless pit; -- the same as Apollyon and Asmodeus. 2. Hell; the bottomless pit. And could also be a possible reference to Abaddon the Despoiler of Worlds in the Warhammer 40,00

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